About Tess
Radiant Health, Inner Wealth isn't just the name of Tess' first book, it's her entire philosophy! Through wellness coaching, books, classes, and more, Tess loves sharing the message that healthy living can be a fun, delicious process! We invite you to peep around our site, check out Tess's books and blog, and let us know if you have any questions! Welcome, welcome, welcome! : )
Welcome to Radiant Health - Inner Wealth
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Tess Challis is an author, vegan chef, wellness coach, and speaker.

Her books include Radiant Health, Inner WealthThe Two-Week Wellness Solution; Radiance 4 Life; and Get Waisted: 100 Addictively Delicious Plant-Based Entrees (co-authored by Dr. Mary Wendt).
photo by Olga Eglite
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