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You will THRIVE with Tess's Radiant Health, Inner Wealth Coaching!
Wellness Coach Tess
Do you have problems?
Well, good. That means you're human - and Tess only coaches humans. So, you've passed the first test! As your coach, Tess will empower you to turn around your "problems" and make consistent steps towards your healthiest, happiest life. Guaranteed!

LASER-FOCUSED One-on-One Sessions with Tess!

  • Get the personalized assistance you deserve so you can really, truly get on track and stay there!
  • Receive a customized wellness plan that will help you rock your fitness goals!!
  • Become truly empowered with one-on-one coaching - there IS a way for you to live your healthiest, happiest life...and do so in an enjoyable way, without deprivation!


* 30 Minute Session via phone or Skype (or in person if local) ($70)

* One Hour Session via phone or Skype (or in person if local) ($100)

* SAVE! Package of THREE One-Hour Sessions via phone, skype, or in person (if location permits) ($250)

* Customized one-month meal plan (includes one 45 minute phone or Skype session) by Tess Challis $299

Contact Tess today to get your wellness party started!

You CAN enjoy a life of vitality and wellness!

Whether you want to lose weight, correct health problems, or create a customized plan for YOUR lifestyle, Tess can help! Please see the options below for your perfect fit.

Don't wait another moment to begin living your ideal life!
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up an appointment)

Quintessence ("Tess") Challis is an author, wellness and weight loss coach, vegan cooking instructor, and meditation instructor.

Tess can assist you in person or via phone or Skype. She offers a 100% guarantee that each session will empower and assist you. If you are not satisfied for any reason, you will receive a full refund.
Radiant Health, Inner Wealth is ALL about the
win-win - your complete satisfaction is ALWAYS guaranteed!
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